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Pi PMU  can teach you the latest techniques and methods eyelash extensions that applied single lash by single lash to create mega volume that last longer and more glamorous  look.

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Our beginner training course covers a wide variety of subjects that will help you become a professional in the eyelash extension game. From the nitty gritty but ultra important health and safety section to the actual application of the extensions, we’ll go in-depth as needed to make sure you fully understand the procedure that goes into eyelash extensions. You’ll learn about taking care of the eyelash extensions once they’ve been applied, touching up extensions, and removing the extensions, just to name a few topics.


Russian volume eyelash extension is an advanced application technique. Being certified in this procedure is sure to put you ahead of the permanent cosmetology game. Russian lashes provide a bigger, bolder, and more dramatic look in a light-weight feeling and delicate appearing package. Volume lashes involve shaping 2 to 6 extra fine lashes into a “fan” and placing it on each individual lash of the client. This process is incredibly tedious and time-consuming if done by an untrained hand. Thanks to PI PMU, you can be an expert in Russian volume lashes and place yourself ahead of the game.

Unlimited Support After Training

Pi PMU offers full support after training via over the phone or  Facetime, Skype, Viber and Google Duo. 

What Our Students say

I had little experienced in eyelash extensions when registered the advanced course. Kelly took her time and explain all the students in class and make sure everyone is on the same page. She knows her mega volume very well and teaches us her top secret techniques without asking. I highly recommended Kelly if anyone wants to learn Russia eyelash extensions and take it to the next level.

Lizz Gonzalez

The trainer host at a nice and fancy hotel. She also provided breakfast and lunch FREE when registered the course. Her staffs are very professional, and well trained in eyelash extensions. I've learned a lot more from Kelly then my previous training. You will not disappoint when you are trained by her or her staffs. Great people and great experiences. I hope this helps other people.

Hoa Truong

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Pick a course that best fits your skills and experienced. Currently all courses are booked till May 2018. Call or email for more info.

Beginner Classic Lashes Course


Health & Safety, Adhesives and Allergies, Client Consultation & Preparation

Eye shape and Designs, Application of Eyelash Extensions, Practice on Mannequin Head (we provide live models)

Touch Up & Refills, Damage Prevention, Aftercare

Removal of Eyelash Extensions, Frequently Asked Questions, Marketing Tools

Lifetime Training Support

Advanced Mega Volume Lashes Course


Products & Tools, How to create perfect 2D-6D fan

Practice perfect fan, Correct Glue Dipping Method

Application of Volume Lashes, How to clean lashes and do a refill in volume extensions

Practice on Mannequin Head & Live Model (we provide models), Aftercare

Frequently Asked Questions, Marketing Tools and Lifetime Training Support

Lifetime Support after training


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